In the beginning, there was the mainframe. Then, the three-letter company said, let there be Personal Computers, and let them be inexpensive. So, they went forth and found the cheapest hardware and software they could find. They discovered a chip company, and it was called Intel. They saw that it was bad, but it was cheap, and they did not care. They discovered a software company, and it was called Microsoft. They saw that they did not make their own software, and that they were bad, but it was cheap, and they did not care. And so was created the personal computer.

The personal computer floundered, and the people did not want it. Then a company called Lotus made software for it, and it was called 1-2-3. And the people saw that it was good, and bought many copies. The personal computer now had something to run on that horrible Disk Operating System.

And the three-letter company saw this, and was pleased. Let us license our hardware design to others, they said, so that the market may grow. And the company called Compaq saw this, and took all that they could. And they did conspire with Microsoft against the three-letter company, and did plan their takeover of the industry.

But the three-letter company did ignore the attacks, and invited Microsoft to help create the new operating system, that they did call OS/2. And Microsoft did agree whole-heartedly, for they saw yet another opportunity to take credit for software they did not write.

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And the three-letter company saw that it's Operating System/2 was good, but that it did need a nice graphical interface. And they did ask Microsoft to do this for them, which they did agree to do, and all was good.

But the company called Microsoft did take their graphical interface, and did use it in a DOS shell that they called Windows. And the three-letter company had to make their own graphical interface, which they did do.

And whilst the three-letter company did toil to make the Operating System/2 the best platform for the personal computer, the company known as Microsoft did continue to spawn forth the bastard step-children of OS/2, and they did call them Windows NT and Windows 95. And most of the people saw not that they were bad, and rejoiced at the punishment put forth on them.

And some of the people saw that the DOS shell known as Windows 95 was full of many problems, and did complain. And Microsoft did promise that all would be fixed, "in the next version." And as the new versions came out, the promise was always extended to "the next version."

And the company known as Intel, that did flourish under the reign of the personal computer, also did face some challenge to their inferiority. For the companies known as Digital and Cyrix did sue Intel, for it did steal many hardware designs from them. Whilst Intel did make their lowly chips, the company called Digital did make their chip that was called by the name Alpha, and it was good. But the people did not see that it was good, and rejoiced at the punishment put forth on them by Intel.

And the few who were righteous awaited the day of reckoning.

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