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Latest News

Rich Walsh has released (10/23/2017) XWorkplace version 1.0.12 beta 1, which is mostly bugfixes. Also available (12/14/2016) is XWorkplace version 1.0.11; the primary new feature was Xview, an improved version of the split folder view. It includes all the features of XFolder 0.85, virtual desktops using xPager (formerly PageMage), a replacement for WarpCenter (XCenter) with lots of widgets, a trash can, most of the NPSWPS and WarpEnhancer features, object hotkeys, lots of new settings pages, and more. XWorkplace is an open source project at netlabs.org. From VOICE News.

EDM/2 (Electronic Developer Magazine/2) has had another batch of updates to the wiki; as a wiki, it is possible for everyone to add or edit articles. From VOICE News.

The OS/2 Guest Additions for VirtualBox were updated (10/17/2017) as part of the recent VirtualBox 5 update (for other platforms). If you are running OS/2 on a Virtualbox VM, use "Devices - Insert Guest Additions CD Image...", then check the OS/2 CD drive inside the /OS2 directory. From OS2World.

The bitwiseworks Firefox fork has released (10/5/2017) a new build, based on Gecko 45.9.0esr. Note that 45esr has been obsoleted by 52esr, with 45esr no longer getting security updates since April. This build has several bugfixes, and is no longer considered a beta release; native printing support other than Postscript was dropped, although printing to PDF is possible. There are several additional external dependencies required now; see the README file for more details. Note that Bitwise has abandoned the ZIP packaging for an RPM package (which is not publicly available), and instead offers an archive based on the RPM package. If you prefer the classic packaging, you can find a suitable version on Hobbes. The next release should be based on 52.4.0esr, which has already been imported into the master branch. However, 52esr will be the end of the road, as newer versions require the Rust compiler, which is unlikely to be ported to OS/2. Potential future alternatives include Otter (which requires newer versions of Qt) and Pale Moon (a Mozilla fork). Note that the SeaMonkey project is also undecided on how it will proceed beyond 52esr (on all platforms), as Mozilla long ago stopped caring about anything other than Firefox. You can donate to bitwise projects by buying sponsor units via their online shop.

Arca Noae has posted info on upcoming updates. ArcaOS 5.0.2 will have an updated Samba client, and the new ability to install from an ArcaOS bootable USB stick (or local partition). Firefox 45.9 will be available as an RPM from an Arca Noae YUM repository (for subscribers).

Warpstock Europe 2018 will be held in Berlin, on May 26-27. Registration should be available soon. From VOICE News.

Warptock 2017 was held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on Friday, September 8 through Sunday, September 10. You can view a picture gallery, the presentation materials, and YouTube videos of the presentations. From OS2World.

Dave Yeo has released (8/26/2017) an updated OS/2 build of SeaMonkey 2.42.9, based on the Bitwise fork of Firefox. There are additional external dependencies required now; see my Warpzilla Tips page for more information, as well as mozsupport and mozmedia packages. Note that the SeaMonkey project skipped from version 2.40 to 2.46 on other platforms, and Dave has back-ported some fixes. The refreshed build has fixes for full screen, and plugin support; reports suggest that disabling Chatzilla will prevent some heavy CPU usage.

The experimental OS/4 kernel now has support for AVX instructions, as found in newer CPUs. This means potentially better performance in software that supports it, such as ffmpeg, firefox, and others.

Adrian Gschwend wrote a retrospective article for the 20th anniversary of netlabs.org. From VOICE News.

There is now an option to convert your Acra Noae driver subscription to an ArcaOS subscription. Arca Noae has made several updates available, which can be downloaded from the order page on their site (the same page that provides the ISO download).

I have updated my ArcaOS article a few times; part 3 includes a couple fun hacks for SNAP Graphics. Arca Noae is looking into adding accelerated hardware support for newer Intel graphics chipsets. They are still working on having a bootable USB installation, which may make it into a 5.0.x point release. It's likely there will be both 5.0.2 and 5.0.3 prior to the 5.1 release, which is planned to have additional NLS language support included. They are also exploring the feasibility of a VDD for UniAud, to provide sound support in DOS and WinOS2 sessions.

VOICE has released their 2016 financial report. They are currently accepting applications for those wanting to become a VOICE board member, with the President and two board positions up for re-election. Roderick Klein is running for re-election as President, Bjorn Rietdijk is running for re-election as Board member, and Stuart Updike has stepped down. Applications should be sent via email before August 12th to the Vice President, Neil Waldhauer, describing why you want to join the VOICE board. The current board members will then vote. From VOICE News.

ArcaOS 5.0.1 has been released (7/9/2017). This refreshed install contains various updates, including some NIC auto-detection issues that I reported. Note that the ArcaOS installer does not support upgrading a previous install, and most of the changes are related to installation, so if you are already successfully running 5.0, it is recommended that you simply apply any updates that get released separately, rather than do a fresh install. You may also like to read my mini review. From OS2.jp.

The UniAud sound drivers have been refreshed (6/25/2017). This is based on the GPL ALSA Project from Linux and provides drivers for various sound chipsets, including HDA, AC97, and PCI cards. Note that the cause of repeating system sounds has been found to be a bug in IBM's SND.DLL, and there is a workaround available. For what it's worth, this project has stagnated for quite a while now; ALSA 1.0.24 is from early 2011, while the current upstream version is From eCSoft/2 via OS2World.

VLC media player version 2.2.6 has been ported (6/5/2017) to OS/2. This is a highly portable multimedia player and multimedia framework capable of reading most audio and video formats (MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, DivX, MPEG-1, MP3, OGG, AAC) as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols.

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Latest Files

Jmol version 14.23.1 has been released (11/3/2017). This is a Java molecular viewer for three dimensional chemical structures; it requires Java 1.4 or higher.

System Load version 1.0.5 has been released (11/1/2017). This is a GUI tool for monitoring the status of various system components; it is a modular system with current support including CPUs, drives, network interfaces, and processes. The package also includes CPU temperature widget version 1.1.3, which is an XCenter widget and command line utility to monitor Intel CPU temperature.

The SDL game Gilbert and the doors has been ported (10/31/2017) to OS/2. This is a 2D platformer with 22 levels.

Agena version 2.11.1 has been released (10/31/2017). This is an interpreted language suited for sophisticated procedural programming, with syntax like simplified Algol 68, with elements taken from Lua and SQL.

DataSeeker version 1.15 has been released (10/29/2017). This is a multithreaded PM text and file finder, intended as a replacement for PMSEEK.EXE.

Logical Config.Sys Sort version 0.5.1 has been released (10/29/2017). This sorts the CONFIG.SYS file into logical sections.

Major Major version 2.5 has been released (10/25/2017). It is a mailing list manager for OS/2 that lets you create multiple mailing lists on your machine, and is now open source. From eCSoft/2 via OS2World.

PHPMyAdmin version 4.7.5 has been released (10/23/2017). This is a set of PHP scripts to administer MySQL over the web. From eCSoft/2 via OS2World.

LSZipWizard version 1.00 has been released (10/21/2017). This is a GUI interface to view/extract or create/update ZIP files, with WPS integration.

The Arca Noae MultiMac project has released (10/19/2017) version 1.0.2 of updated NDIS drivers for subscribers: Intel Pro/1000 Legacy mmlem and Pro/1000 e1000b and mmigb, Realtek mmre, Atheros mmalc and mmale, SysKonnect mmsk, Attansic L2 mmae and L1 mmage, Broadcom BCM4401 mmbfe and BCM57xx/BCM590x mmbge, and Marvell Yukon II mmmsk. Also available (9/3/2015) are Nvidia nveth version 0.1.15, Intel e1000e version 0.2.8, and Realtek r8169 version 1.0.2. The latter two are considered deprecated, as they have been superseded by e1000b and mmre. Older source code (based on the Linux kernel) is available from the MultiMac Trac site.

FTP server version 2.72 has been released (10/17/2017). Compared to the standard ftpd in OS/2, this one has better security controls, together with extra features such as symbolic links. The source code is also available under the GPL license. From eCSoft/2 via OS2World.

FAT32.IFS version 0.10 r326 has been released (10/15/2017). The latest work on this filesystem driver has focused on improving the format and chkdsk functions, VFAT support for FAT16, and early exFAT and FAT+ support. You can find the latest version via FTP.

MailRedirect version 0.9.2 has been released (9/14/2017). This Mozilla extension allows you to bounce / redirect email messages from Thunderbird and Seamonkey.

AiR-BOOT version 1.1.1 (test build) has been released (4/8/2017). This is a Multi-Boot partition loader with some extra features, including colored "Award-like" SETUP, virus protection, Linux kernel support, and more.

Hypermake version 4.91 has been released (10/21/2016). Hypermake (previously known as MakeIPF) can easily create HTML files or IBM IPF files, Winhelp and Microsoft HTML-Help files. Instead of editing the HTML, IPF or RTF files directly, you enter a more simple ASCII source text.

DejaVu fonts version 2.37 have been released (7/30/2016). This is a font family based on the Bitstream Vera Fonts, which provides support for a wide range of Unicode characters.

The distributed.net client version 2.9112.521 has been released (6/13/2016). There is also a personal proxy, now (2/15/2009) on build 347. This is a distributed computing project where you can contribute some of your computing power towards research, primarily in the encryption field.

eCo Software has released (3/29/2016) a beta version 0.90 of the SysInfo utility.

eCo Market has been updated (1/1/2016). This is a catalog of software, intended to make it easy to download and install programs packaged in WarpIn format.

PCI Dock version 0.07.01 has been released (12/22/2015). This is a GUI front-end to the PCI enumeration utilities.

TCP/IP Profile Manager version 1.1 has been released (10/24/2015). This tool lets you define and switch between multiple different TCP/IP configurations, which is primary useful for laptops used in different locations.

Domination version has been released (9/21/2015). This is a Java version of the game Risk.

Rexx/DW version 2.1 has been released (5/31/2015). This is a cross-platform GUI toolkit being developed, which runs on top of the Dynamic Windows GUI library.

Daniel Valot has some nice games featuring various tile sets and different layouts. Shisen-Sho, Mah Jongg, SameGame, and Lines have been updated (4/27/2015) to version 1.27.

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