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Latest News

ArcaOS 5.0.1 has been released (7/9/2017). This refreshed install contains various updates, including some NIC auto-detection issues that I reported. Note that the ArcaOS installer does not support upgrading a previous install, and most of the changes are related to installation, so if you are already successfully running 5.0, it is recommended that you simply apply any updates that get released separately, rather than do a fresh install. You may also like to read my mini review. From OS2.jp.

The UniAud sound drivers have been refreshed (6/25/2017). This is based on the GPL ALSA Project from Linux and provides drivers for various sound chipsets, including HDA, AC97, and PCI cards. Note that the cause of repeating system sounds has been found to be a bug in IBM's SND.DLL, and there is a workaround available. For what it's worth, this project has stagnated for quite a while now; ALSA 1.0.24 is from early 2011, while the current upstream version is From eCSoft/2 via OS2World.

Planned updates for DFSee, the disk, partition, and filesystem tool, include a bootable (Linux-based) USB image, more OSX and Linux integration, support for XFS and BtrFS, direct access to VMWare and Hyper-V virtual machine image files, and better compression of IMZ disk images using 7z. There is a public beta of DFSee 14.6 to help test the bootable USB image. From VOICE News.

VLC media player version 2.2.6 has been ported (6/5/2017) to OS/2. This is a highly portable multimedia player and multimedia framework capable of reading most audio and video formats (MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, DivX, MPEG-1, MP3, OGG, AAC) as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols.

If you have been struggling with the sluggish UI in the Mozilla 45esr builds, a workaround has been identified: change the layout.frame_rate preference from the default value of -1 to 0. This will be changed by default in the next build.

OS2World reported that the Lunduke Hour show on YouTube followed up their interview with Lewis Rosenthal with a video review of ArcaOS. Other than the initial press release, there seems to have been quite the dearth of coverage; no one seems all that interested in reviewing alternative operating systems any more. I have been thinking about writing a series of articles about it, but unfortunately am rather lacking in time.

Dave Yeo has released (6/3/2017) an OS/2 build of SeaMonkey 2.42.9, based on the Bitwise fork of Firefox. There are additional external dependencies required now; see my Warpzilla Tips page for more information, and updated mozsupport and mozmedia packages. Note that the SeaMonkey project skipped from version 2.40 to 2.46 on other platforms, and Dave has back-ported some fixes.

Dave Yeo has released (5/20/2017) an OS/2 build of Thunderbird 45.8, based on the Bitwise fork of Firefox. Note that it has the same limitations as the current Firefox build; notably, printing support is broken.

The bitwiseworks Firefox fork has released (5/19/2017) a new build (one year after the previous one), based on Gecko 45.5.0esr. Note that 45esr has already been obsoleted by 52esr, and the final security update (45.9esr) was released for other platforms on April 18th. This build still has broken printing support, although printing to PDF is possible. There are several additional external dependencies required now; see the README file for more details. Various user reports suggest that this build performs quite sluggishly, and multimedia support is partially broken. You can donate to bitwise projects by buying sponsor units via their online shop.

Warptock 2017 will be held at the Holiday Inn Toronto Airport East, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on Friday, September 8 through Sunday, September 10. Register before May 31 and receive a 20% early bird discount on a full or daily conference registration. Also remember to book your hotel ($116 CAD/night single or double) and travel early. Thanks to Andy Willis for the news.

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Latest Files

Btrieve Commander has been updated (7/12/2017). This is a Btrieve file viewer / editor.

FAT32.IFS version 0.10 r290 has been released (7/10/2017). The latest work on this filesystem driver has focused on improving the format and chkdsk functions, VFAT support for FAT16, and early exFAT support. You can find the latest version via FTP.

Jmol version 14.20.2 has been released (7/10/2017). This is a Java molecular viewer for three dimensional chemical structures; it requires Java 1.4 or higher.

LSZipWizard version 0.95 has been released (7/7/2017). This is a GUI interface to view/extract or create/update ZIP files, with WPS integration.

Agena version 2.10.3 has been released (7/2/2017). This is an interpreted language suited for sophisticated procedural programming, with syntax like simplified Algol 68, with elements taken from Lua and SQL.

Vidalia version 0.2.21 has been ported (7/1/2017) to OS/2. This Qt4 app is a graphical controller for Tor software.

The eCo Software runtimes have been updated (7/1/2017). These are libraries and PM controls used by programs written by eCo Software. The latest updates are available via FTP. From eCSoft/2 via OS2World.

PHPMyAdmin version 4.7.2 has been released (6/29/2017). This is a set of PHP scripts to administer MySQL over the web.

Quick 'n' Easy Finances version 1.07 has been updated (6/27/2017). It is a personal finance program which requires DB2 or PostGRE. There is also a Yahoo Group discussion list.

NetDrive version 3.1.6 has been released (5/7/2017). NetDrive allows users to mount an FTP site or a local directory or a network resource to a virtual volume. This version has 64-bit file support, and special support for the Samba client from netlabs.org (no shareware timeout). There are also plugins available, including SFTP, NFS, VFAT, and more. eComStation.RU also has a list of plugins. From OS2World.

Amouse version 3.01.02 has been released (1/16/2017). This scroll mouse driver has USB support, improved Logitech support, an XCenter widget, and more. Updates to this driver are available to Arca Noae subscribers.

The bootable JFS drivers have been updated (3/10/2016) to version 1.09.07 for Arca Noae subscribers.

qBittorrent version 3.1.12 has been ported (6/21/2017) to OS/2. This Qt4 app is a Bittorrent client.

USB drivers build 10.218 have been released (6/18/2017); included are the base USB host controller drivers, USB HID drivers (keyboard and mouse), USB printing driver, USB serial driver, USB audio driver, USB ethernet driver, and USB MSD driver. The latest work is focused on much improved USB audio support, as well as USBMSD supporting non-partitioned USB sticks (usually formatted as FAT32 for Windows); unlike the last official IBM version, it does not (yet) support multi-LUN devices such as card readers with multiple slots. These USB drivers also feature support for isochronous devices, such as webcams, and improved hardware compatibility, including proper PCI PM (power management) support. This allows USB ports to be used when warm booting from Windows, which can sometimes leave them in a powered down state.

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