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Latest News

Lewis Rosenthal announced that Arca Noae, LLC was chartered in Delaware at the end of July; this new company plans to be the driving force behind further development and maintenance of the OS/2 platform for some time to come. An official website should be coming soon; planned announcements include new applications and updates, and new device driver developments. An announcement regarding Warpstock Europe is also expected. From VOICE News.

Bitwise has announced they are now working on porting Eclipse SWT to OS/2. While they do great work, it seems they are over-extending themselves quite a bit? There have been no updates to Odin, Java, and Qt4 for quite some time, the Mozilla project continues to progress at a rapid pace while the stable OS/2 version is no longer getting security updates, and they have other announced projects that have shown no public results, including InJoy. Perhaps they are getting some great funding to work on SWT; otherwise, I cannot fathom why they are taking on another porting project, particularly one with little appeal to the majority of OS/2 users.

Dave Hart from PlanetECS reports there are a few more PHP applications that work well on OS/2 with the ports of Apache, MySQL, and PHP, including: PHP Dev Shell, a plugin based code management PHP framework; and WebIssues, an issue tracking and team collaboration system, which uses a PHP server, and a Qt4 client that has been ported to OS/2.

netlabs.org has published biweekly newsletter #223 to update everyone on their latest developments. Recent updates include FM/2, Java, QT4, Samba, UniAud, USB, and more. You can sponsor netlabs.org, which helps fund development on various projects. From VOICE News.

Apparently Bitwise is porting OpenOffice 4.x to OS/2 now; they have offered to take limited beta testers. The last public unofficial developer snapshot of Apache OpenOffice 4.0 was back in July 2013, and reports indicated that it was not very stable. When the OS/2 port is complete, it should feature proper support for high memory and Java. Presumably, the OS/2 source code continues to be available in the Subversion repository.

The second annual OS/2 User Meeting in Cologne, Germany will be held at the end of November, and there is an open call for presenters. There are a few pictures from last year's event, and there is a lengthy report describing all that happened.

Warpstock Corporation is finally a recognized 501(c)(3) organization, and all contributions to Warpstock are now fully tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by each donor. This recognition is retroactive to May 15, 2010. Thanks to Lewis Rosenthal for the info.

Andy Willis reports that Warpstock will feature a presentation by Menso de Jong, founder of Mensys, who will speak on the future of eComStation. Warpstock 2014 will be held Friday, October 24th through Sunday, October 26th, in St. Louis, Missouri. Expected sessions include interoperability topics, and frequently discussed issues. Hotel reservations for the Drury Inn St. Louis Airport may be made, while event registration is free for students, or $149 for all three days of the conference.

eComstation.Ru organized an "OS/2 Guru Jam Session" on July 25-26, and has posted the resulting materials. Included are interviews with Alex Taylor regarding eCS components, Paul Smedley regarding porting software, and Lewis Rosenthal regarding supporting businesses running OS/2. There are also IRC transcripts on various topics.

Dave Hart from PlanetECS reports there are several PHP applications that work well on OS/2 with the ports of Apache, MySQL, and PHP, including WordPress blogger software, MediaWiki wiki software, phpbb forum software, and extplorer web-based file manager.

Some highlights from relevant open source projects: Firefox 31 has become the new ESR branch, replacing Gecko 24esr. Qt version 5.3.1 is the current release; since 5.x is not ABI compatible with Qt 4.x, it's more likely we will see a port of 4.8.x before we see anything for 5.x. LibreOffice 4.2.5 (and Apache OpenOffice 4.1.0) are available on "tier 1" platforms, with features from IBM's Lotus Symphony merged in. OpenJDK 8 is the current release, with 8u20 due out in August, and development on OpenJDK 9 is underway.

The VOICE News system is fully operational again, including the mailing list and feeding of the c.o.o.announce newsgroup; a backlog of messages were sent out over the last week.

Dave Yeo has refreshed (7/5/2014) his unofficial builds of SeaMonkey 2.14.11, Firefox 17.0.11, and Thunderbird 17.0.11, based on the Bitwise fork of the Gecko 17 "Extended Support Release" branch. Compared to the 17.0.5 Bitwise build of Firefox, they include several security fixes from the newer Gecko code, as well as a selection of important fixes back-ported from the Bitwise Gecko 24esr tree. These builds require libc065, and the fontconfig runtime. SeaMonkey is a continuation of the Mozilla Suite, while Firefox and Thunderbird are a stand-alone browser and mail/news client based on Mozilla code. See my Warpzilla Tips page for more information.

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Latest Files

Tower Toppler has been ported (8/16/2014) to OS/2. This is a remake of an old game, which uses the SDL libraries.

SDL version 1.2.15 has been ported (8/15/2014) to OS/2. Simple DirectMedia Layer is a cross-platform development library designed to provide low level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, and graphics hardware; it is used by video playback software, emulators, and popular games. This new OS/2 port features updated VMAN, DIVE, and DART support. An older port of version 1.2.14 is also available (11/6/2009).

More SDL games have been ported (8/15/2014) to OS/2, including: Road Fighter is a remake of an old car driving game; Scavenger is a puzzle game like Lode Runner; and SuperTux is a jump'n run game, inspired by Super Mario Bros.

SigmaMD5 version 2.1 has been released (8/15/2014). This is a PM program that reads and creates MD5 checksum files, compatible with the GNU MD5SUM program. It provides a clear visual indication of checksum status (error's etc.) as well as error sorting and comprehensive logging facilities. It is useful for verifying that CD ISO images are valid prior to burning them to disc.

More SDL games have been ported (8/13/2014) to OS/2, including: Maze of Galious is a clone of an old sidescrolling game from Konami; MegaMario is a clone of the old Nintendo game with Mario and Luigi; and LBreakout2 is a breakout-style arcade game.

Nice-OS/2 Enhancer version 5.6.6 has been released (8/11/2014). This application adds new features to the OS/2 PM interface: extended scrolling, window skinning, keyboard/mouse actions, window positioning, logon scripts, priority management, window list cleaning, text-mode window additions, SSH console control, FireFox & Wiki keys, various patches for OS/2 and Workplace Shell.

libgcrypt version 1.5.4 and libgpg-error version 1.13 have been ported (8/10/2014) to OS/2. Libgcrypt is a general purpose crypto library based on the code used in GnuPG, and libgpg-error is a library that defines common error values for all GnuPG components.

Wim Brul has released WebSee version 1.0 client and server for generic USB UVC WebCam support, which require the latest USBHCD drivers and USB Resource Manager for isochronous support. There are also some older device-specific USB WebCam drivers for the Logitech C250, the ThinkPad X200T (Chicony), and the ThinkPad X230T (Ricoh). There is a forum thread on OS2World with discussion on what people have tested.

Wim Brul has released some USB Resource Manager updates. This matched set of USBCALLS.DLL and USBRESMG.SYS supports asynchronous operation interrupt write and isochronous transfers.

GeoGebra version 4.4.43 has been released. This is software for learning and teaching math, from elementary school to university level; it requires Java 1.5 or higher. Since they now provide OS-specific downloads, you probably want one of their "portable" versions.

BomberClone has been ported (8/7/2014) to OS/2. This clone of the game AtomicBomberMan uses the SDL libraries.

OpenSSL version 1.0.0n has been ported (8/7/2014) to OS/2. This is a robust, commercial-grade, full-featured, and Open Source toolkit implementing the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL v2/v3) and Transport Layer Security (TLS v1) protocols, as well as a full-strength general purpose cryptography library.

Some libraries related to reading DVD media have been ported (8/5/2014) to OS/2, including: libdvdread version 5.0.0, which does low level DVD access; libdvdnav version 5.0.0, which handles DVD navigation, such as menus; and libdvdcss version 1.3.0, which does DVD decryption without region checking.

Texmaker version 4.3 has been ported (8/5/2014) to OS/2. This Qt4 app is a LaTeX editor.

BiblioteQ version 6.70 has been ported (8/4/2014) to OS/2. This is a library management suite, which uses the Qt4 libraries.

dos2unix and unix2dos version 6.0.6 have been released (8/3/2014). These command line tools convert plain text files from/to DOS and UNIX formats.

QXmlEdit version 0.8.11 has been ported (8/3/2014) to OS/2. This Qt4 app is a tree-based XML editor.

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