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Latest News

Andy Willis reports that Warpstock will feature a presentation by Menso de Jong, founder of Mensys, who will speak on the future of eComStation. Warpstock 2014 will be held Friday, October 24th through Sunday, October 26th, in St. Louis, Missouri. Expected sessions include interoperability topics, and frequently discussed issues. Hotel reservations for the Drury Inn St. Louis Airport may be made, while event registration is free for students, or $149 for all three days of the conference.

eComstation.Ru organized an "OS/2 Guru Jam Session" on July 25-26, and has posted the resulting materials. Included are interviews with Alex Taylor regarding eCS components, Paul Smedley regarding porting software, and Lewis Rosenthal regarding supporting businesses running OS/2. There are also IRC transcripts on various topics.

Dave Hart from PlanetECS reports there are several PHP applications that work well on OS/2 with the ports of Apache, MySQL, and PHP, including WordPress blogger software, MediaWiki wiki software, phpbb forum software, and extplorer web-based file manager.

Some highlights from relevant open source projects: Firefox 31 has become the new ESR branch, replacing Gecko 24esr. Qt version 5.3.1 is the current release; since 5.x is not ABI compatible with Qt 4.x, it's more likely we will see a port of 4.8.x before we see anything for 5.x. LibreOffice 4.2.5 (and Apache OpenOffice 4.1.0) are available on "tier 1" platforms, with features from IBM's Lotus Symphony merged in. OpenJDK 8 is the current release, with 8u20 due out in August, and development on OpenJDK 9 is underway.

netlabs.org has published biweekly newsletter #222 to update everyone on their latest developments. Recent updates include FM/2, QT4, UniAud, and more. You can sponsor netlabs.org, which helps fund development on various projects.

The VOICE News system is fully operational again, including the mailing list and feeding of the c.o.o.announce newsgroup; a backlog of messages were sent out over the last week.

Dave Yeo has refreshed (7/5/2014) his unofficial builds of SeaMonkey 2.14.11, Firefox 17.0.11, and Thunderbird 17.0.11, based on the Bitwise fork of the Gecko 17 "Extended Support Release" branch. Compared to the 17.0.5 Bitwise build of Firefox, they include several security fixes from the newer Gecko code, as well as a selection of important fixes back-ported from the Bitwise Gecko 24esr tree. These builds require libc065, and the fontconfig runtime. SeaMonkey is a continuation of the Mozilla Suite, while Firefox and Thunderbird are a stand-alone browser and mail/news client based on Mozilla code. See my Warpzilla Tips page for more information.

Martin Iturbide has written an article offering several suggestions on how users and developers can collaborate for the benefit of the community.

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Latest Files

libvpx version 1.3.0 has been ported (7/26/2014) to OS/2. This is Google's WebM library, an open source, royalty free media file format designed for the web.

Texmaker version 4.2 has been ported (7/24/2014) to OS/2. This Qt4 app is a LaTeX editor.

HTTrack version 3.47.27 has been ported (7/22/2014) to OS/2. This tool allows you to recursively download a website to a local directory, adjusting the original site's links as necessary.

More Qt4 apps were ported (7/21/2014) to OS/2, including: hotshots version 2.1.1 is for taking screenshots and making annotations on them; and FocusWriter version 1.5.2 is a full-screen basic word processing program.

NZBGet version 13.0 has been ported (7/21/2014) to OS/2. This is a binary newsgrabber, which downloads files from usenet. Note that the binary seems to have disappeared from Hobbes; hopefully it will be uploaded again.

LAME version 3.99.5 r2 has been ported (7/18/2014) to OS/2. LAME is an MP3 encoder, and includes a graphical frame analyzer.

pdksh version 5.2.14 r4 has been ported (7/18/2014) to OS/2. This is a clone of the Korn shell, which can be useful when porting Unix software.

GNU m4 version 1.4.17 has been ported (7/18/2014) to OS/2. This is the GNU macro processor, useful for some development projects.

PHPMyAdmin version 4.2.6 has been released (7/17/2014). This is a set of PHP scripts to administer MySQL over the web.

Commonist version 1.0.0 has been released (7/13/2014). This is an upload client for wikimedia commons, which requires Java 1.6.

GeoGebra version 4.4.41 has been released. This is software for learning and teaching math, from elementary school to university level; it requires Java 1.5 or higher. Since they now provide OS-specific downloads, you probably want one of their "portable" versions.

QuiteRSS version 0.16.1 has been ported (7/10/2014) to OS/2 This Qt4 app is a RSS/Atom feed reader.

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