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Latest News

The VOICE News system is fully operational again, including the mailing list and feeding of the c.o.o.announce newsgroup; a backlog of messages were sent out over the last week.

netlabs.org has published biweekly newsletter #221 to update everyone on their latest developments. Recent updates include FM/2, Java, lSwitcher, QT4, Samba, XWLAN, and more. You can sponsor netlabs.org, which helps fund development on various projects. From VOICE News.

Dave Yeo has refreshed (7/5/2014) his unofficial builds of SeaMonkey 2.14.11, Firefox 17.0.11, and Thunderbird 17.0.11, based on the Bitwise fork of the Gecko 17 "Extended Support Release" branch. Compared to the 17.0.5 Bitwise build of Firefox, they include several security fixes from the newer Gecko code, as well as a selection of important fixes back-ported from the Bitwise Gecko 24esr tree. These builds require libc065, and the fontconfig runtime. SeaMonkey is a continuation of the Mozilla Suite, while Firefox and Thunderbird are a stand-alone browser and mail/news client based on Mozilla code. See my Warpzilla Tips page for more information.

Dave / "planetecs" reports that WordPress works great on OS/2 with the ports of Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Wordpress is dynamic website / blogger software that takes about 5 minutes to install and is highly customizable.

Martin Iturbide has written an article offering several suggestions on how users and developers can collaborate for the benefit of the community.

eComstation.Ru is organizing an "OS/2 Guru Jam Session" for July 25-26, where interested parties can collaborate online over those 48 hours. All materials collected during the conference will be published at the site and available for further discussion. They are inviting people to make presentations via Skype, by posting contact information via their web form.

Sander Nyman suggested that the lackluster trickle of OS/2 news could be supplemented with a flood of rumors, and has supplied a few to start it off; feel free to send in your own:

  • Reliable secret sources report that for the first time in 20 years, OS/2 market share has inexplicably reversed it's decline with double digit growth.
  • A private conversation, overheard by an unnamed waiter at a rave party thrown by Lou Gerstner, revealed that Gerstner actually knew that elephants can't dance, but lied because he thought it wouldn't be an effective sound bite.
  • Karl Rove today, in a meltdown that sources say they haven't seen since election night 2012, is rumored to have said that it was actually Barack Obama that was to blame for the demise of OS/2, and, uh, you know, other stuff.

    Apparently there is slow but steady work on porting OpenOffice 4.x to OS/2; there are reports of 4.1 builds being tested. However the last public unofficial developer snapshot of Apache OpenOffice 4.0 is from July 2013, and reports indicated that it was not very stable. When the OS/2 port is complete, it should feature proper support for high memory and Java. The OS/2 source code continues to be available in the Subversion repository.

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  • Latest Files

    Media Pack v.008 has been released (7/10/2014). This is a Rexx install script for mPlayer, which also installs the MP3 codec, removes the old MMAVI class, and sets up associations for popular video codecs.

    QuiteRSS version 0.16.1 has been ported (7/10/2014) to OS/2 This Qt4 app is a RSS/Atom feed reader.

    Atomiks has been ported (7/8/2014) to OS/2. This is a faithful remake of the classic puzzle game Atomix.

    OpenTyrian has been ported (7/8/2014) to OS/2. This is an arcade-style vertical scrolling shooter. There is also an older port (12/22/2010) available.

    Paul Smedley has released (7/7/2014) a port of GCC version 4.9.0. This compiler allows many modern projects to be compiled for OS/2. Also available are ports of 4.8.3, 4.7.4, 4.5.4 and 4.4.6, as well as even older GCC versions 4.3.x, 4.0.4, and 3.4.6. From VOICE News.

    Wim Brul has released WebSee beta 1 client and server for generic USB UVC WebCam support, which require the latest USBHCD drivers and USB Resource Manager for isochronous support. There are also some older device-specific USB WebCam drivers for the Logitech C250, the ThinkPad X200T (Chicony), and the ThinkPad X230T (Ricoh). There is a forum thread on OS2World with discussion on what people have tested.

    lSwitcher version 2.81 has been released (7/4/2014). lSwitcher is an enhanced PM and fullscreen Alt-Tab task switcher, and feature-rich task bar. There are both stand-alone and XCenter widget versions. Thanks to Gregg Young for the info.

    Digger has been ported (7/3/2014) to OS/2. Digger is a game originally created by Windmill software in 1983 and remastered by Andrew Jenner in 1998.

    Wally version 2.4.5 has been ported (7/2/2014) to OS/2. This app is for changing your desktop wallpaper using multiple sources, and uses the Qt4 libraries.

    Guiffy version 10.6 has been released (7/2/2014). Guiffy is a file compare / merge (diff-like) tool with a GUI implemented in Java.

    Btrieve Commander has been updated (7/1/2014). This is a Btrieve file viewer / editor.

    TV-Browser version 3.4 has been released (7/1/2014). This program downloads the daily TV programming information, and displays it for viewing; it requires Java 1.6.

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