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Latest News

There are only a couple days left to get the introductory pricing of $99 for ArcaOS. Now available is the option to convert your previous driver subscription to an ArcaOS subscription. Arca Noae has made several updates available in the last few days, which can be downloaded from the order page on their site (the same page that provides the ISO download).

The list of Warpstock sessions has been posted; Arca Noae will be making several presentations on the current state and future plans for ArcaOS, as well as for OS/2 drivers. There will also be useful tips and tricks, community awareness, and even how to build an RPM package. There is still time to register for Warpstock; the hotel has agreed to offer the special rate of $116 CAD while they have rooms available; be sure to mention Warpstock to the get the conference rate. Thanks to Andy Willis for the news.

I have updated my ArcaOS article a few times; part 3 includes a couple fun hacks for SNAP Graphics. Arca Noae is looking into adding accelerated hardware support for newer Intel graphics chipsets. They are still working on having a bootable USB installation, which may make it into a 5.0.x point release. It's likely there will be both 5.0.2 and 5.0.3 prior to the 5.1 release, which is planned to have additional NLS language support included. They are also exploring the feasibility of a VDD for UniAud, to provide sound support in DOS and WinOS2 sessions.

A new release of Odin32 may be out soon; there's been some work recently on getting version 0.9.0 prepared. Odin32 can be used to run and/or build Win32 applications for OS/2, and is based on WINE and IBM's Open32.

Warptock 2017 will be held at the Holiday Inn Toronto Airport East, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on Friday, September 8 through Sunday, September 10. There are some fact sheets with travel tips for US and other foreign visitors. The special hotel rate ($116 CAD/night single or double) is only available until August 10th. Both full and daily conference registration is available. Thanks to Andy Willis for the news.

VOICE has released their 2016 financial report. They are currently accepting applications for those wanting to become a VOICE board member, with the President and two board positions up for re-election. Roderick Klein is running for re-election as President, Bjorn Rietdijk is running for re-election as Board member, and Stuart Updike has stepped down. Applications should be sent via email before August 12th to the Vice President, Neil Waldhauer, describing why you want to join the VOICE board. The current board members will then vote. From VOICE News.

ArcaOS 5.0.1 has been released (7/9/2017). This refreshed install contains various updates, including some NIC auto-detection issues that I reported. Note that the ArcaOS installer does not support upgrading a previous install, and most of the changes are related to installation, so if you are already successfully running 5.0, it is recommended that you simply apply any updates that get released separately, rather than do a fresh install. You may also like to read my mini review. From OS2.jp.

The UniAud sound drivers have been refreshed (6/25/2017). This is based on the GPL ALSA Project from Linux and provides drivers for various sound chipsets, including HDA, AC97, and PCI cards. Note that the cause of repeating system sounds has been found to be a bug in IBM's SND.DLL, and there is a workaround available. For what it's worth, this project has stagnated for quite a while now; ALSA 1.0.24 is from early 2011, while the current upstream version is From eCSoft/2 via OS2World.

VLC media player version 2.2.6 has been ported (6/5/2017) to OS/2. This is a highly portable multimedia player and multimedia framework capable of reading most audio and video formats (MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, DivX, MPEG-1, MP3, OGG, AAC) as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols.

If you have been struggling with the sluggish UI in the Mozilla 45esr builds, a workaround has been identified: change the layout.frame_rate preference from the default value of -1 to 0. This will be changed by default in the next build.

Dave Yeo has released (6/3/2017) an OS/2 build of SeaMonkey 2.42.9, based on the Bitwise fork of Firefox. There are additional external dependencies required now; see my Warpzilla Tips page for more information, and updated mozsupport and mozmedia packages. Note that the SeaMonkey project skipped from version 2.40 to 2.46 on other platforms, and Dave has back-ported some fixes.

Dave Yeo has released (5/20/2017) an OS/2 build of Thunderbird 45.8, based on the Bitwise fork of Firefox. Note that it has the same limitations as the current Firefox build; notably, printing support is broken.

The bitwiseworks Firefox fork has released (5/19/2017) a new build (one year after the previous one), based on Gecko 45.5.0esr. Note that 45esr has already been obsoleted by 52esr, and the final security update (45.9esr) was released for other platforms on April 18th. This build still has broken printing support, although printing to PDF is possible. There are several additional external dependencies required now; see the README file for more details. Various user reports suggest that this build performs quite sluggishly, and multimedia support is partially broken. You can donate to bitwise projects by buying sponsor units via their online shop.

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Latest Files

Arca Noae has released (8/11/2017) kernel version 14.201 for ArcaOS. This fixes a problem handling high interrupts, and requires that you update the APCI package first.

The Arca Noae USB drivers have been updated (8/11/2017) to build 11.16, for subscribers. The package includes the base USB host controller drivers, as well as the USB HID, serial, printing, and audio drivers. Note that this packaging of the USB drivers does not have the latest features in the publicly available ones.

The Arca Noae MultiMac project has released (8/11/2017) version 1.0.0 of updated NDIS drivers for subscribers: Intel Pro/1000 Legacy mmlem and Pro/1000 e1000b and mmigb, Realtek mmre, Atheros mmalc and mmale, SysKonnect mmsk, Attansic L2 mmae and L1 mmage, Broadcom BCM4401 mmbfe and BCM57xx/BCM590x mmbge, Marvell Yukon II mmmsk, and VirtIO mmvtio. Also available (9/3/2015) are Nvidia nveth version 0.1.15, Intel e1000e version 0.2.8, and Realtek r8169 version 1.0.2. The latter two are considered deprecated, as they have been superseded by e1000b and mmre. Older source code (based on the Linux kernel) is available from the MultiMac Trac site.

Paul Smedley has released (8/11/2017) an OS/2 port of Tor version Tor protects your privacy and anonymity by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world. The latest version can be found here.

The ACPI driver has been updated (8/10/2017) to version 3.23.06 for Arca Noae subscribers, and no longer has a requirement for eCS. Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) is a replacement for APM, PnP, and related hardware features. It features support for multiprocessor systems (SMP, Dual Core, and HyperThreading), there is an APM driver, and an ACPI Setup tool that replaces the Power object. There is an ACPI Tools web page as well, which includes a battery monitoring widget for XCenter.

The SATA AHCI disk controller driver has been updated (8/10/2017) to version 2.03 for Arca Noae subscribers. The GPL source code (based on the Linux kernel) is available from the AHCI project site.

LSZipWizard version 0.96 has been released (8/10/2017). This is a GUI interface to view/extract or create/update ZIP files, with WPS integration.

Jmol version 14.20.4 has been released (8/9/2017). This is a Java molecular viewer for three dimensional chemical structures; it requires Java 1.4 or higher.

mksh R56 has been ported (8/9/2017) to OS/2; also available (1/23/2017) is pdksh version 5.2.14 r7. These are clones of the Korn shell, which can be useful when porting Unix software.

The eCo Software runtimes have been updated (8/8/2017). These are libraries and PM controls used by programs written by eCo Software. The latest updates are available via FTP.

Drivers for the Wacom Intuos and Wacom Bamboo tablets have been released. The former supports the pen on models CTH-480, CTH-680, CTL-480, and CTL-680, and can work in in absolute or relative mode.

VideoCut version 0.3.0vm has been ported (8/6/2017) to OS/2. This Qt4 app is for capturing screenshots from video files.

INIServe version 2.8 has been released (8/6/2017). INIServe is a tool for remote configuration of OS/2 applications. Application developers are explicitly permitted to distribute INIServe as part of their own applications. From VOICE News.

Weasel version 2.4 has been released (8/6/2017). This is a "lightweight" SMTP/POP server that has multi-domain support, and is now open source under the GPL. There is also an IMAP extension available, which has some limitations. From VOICE News.

Agena version 2.10.4 has been released (8/6/2017). This is an interpreted language suited for sophisticated procedural programming, with syntax like simplified Algol 68, with elements taken from Lua and SQL.

DFSee version 14.6 has been released (8/3/2017). DFSee is an FDISK, display, analysis and recovery tool for disks and filesystems, including HPFS, NTFS, FAT, JFS, EXT2, EXT3, ReiserFS, and EXFAT. It includes the ability to resize partitions, cloning and imaging, undelete files, and more. It now allows browsing the contents of compressed images and VirtualBox disk images, and has full support for the GPT partitioning style. There is also a support forum available. From VOICE News.

JSoko version 1.78 has been released (7/22/2017). This is a Sokoban game, which requires Java 1.6.

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