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Latest News

Martin Iturbide continues on his quest to get unmaintained OS/2 programs to be released as open source; he has created over 800 public repositories of OS/2 open source projects on GitHub, created a wiki index for them, and published an EDM/2 article discussing how to use Git on OS/2. He has gone through the Hobbes archives, extracting the available source code, and making it easily accessible. He welcomes assistance in uploading more source to github, and any other suggestions, and will gladly provide repository administration rights to anyone interested. From OS2World.

netlabs.org has published biweekly newsletter #214 to update everyone on their latest developments. Recent updates include FM/2, Java, QT4, Samba, XWLAN, and more. You can sponsor netlabs.org, which helps fund development on various projects.

Dave Yeo has refreshed (3/29/2014) the unofficial builds of SeaMonkey, Firefox 10.0.12, and Thunderbird 17.0.12, based on the Gecko 10 "Extended Support Release" branch. These feature much improved shared memory usage, and a crash fix for attempting to print without a printer installed, but have none of the new features (or instability) of the newer Gecko 17 test releases. The builds require libc065, and the fontconfig runtime. See my Warpzilla Tips page for more information.

In Dave Yeo's initial ESR17 builds of SeaMonkey and Thunderbird, he forgot to disable IPC support for the Flash plugin (since it currently does not work properly; it is disabled in the Firefox 17.0.5 beta 2 build). This means that these programs will be unstable or crash if you have that plugin installed; you can fix it by adding a boolean "dom.ipc.plugins.enabled.npflos2.dll" and setting it to false. Alternatively, you can just download updated (3/28/2014) builds from netlabs.org FTP. Doug Bissett also updated the WarpIn installers; available are SeaMonkey, Thunderbird, Firefox, and the required fontconfig runtime. See my Warpzilla Tips page for more information.

A website to locate and download DLL files for OS/2 is now available. The site uses fuzzy-string search, so you don't need to specify the exact filename. Currently there are 2696 DLLs available. From OS2World.

OS2World recently celebrated its 14th year online. It continues to be a great resource for the community.

Dave Yeo has released (3/19/2014) unofficial builds of SeaMonkey 2.14.11 and Thunderbird 17.0.11, based on the Bitwise fork of the Gecko 17 "Extended Support Release" branch, and updated to the last security updates for that branch. These feature much improved shared lower memory usage, but have all the same bugs as the Bitwise Firefox build, including flaky plugin support, improper display of whitespace characters, and overall slower performance. The builds require libc065, the fontconfig runtime, and now pthread, mmap, and stdcpp support DLLs. Dave also provided builds of Lightning and the Google provider addons for calendaring support. SeaMonkey is a continuation of the Mozilla Suite, while Firefox and Thunderbird are a stand-alone browser and mail/news client based on Mozilla code. See my Warpzilla Tips page for more information.

Some highlights from relevant open source projects: Gecko 28 builds of Firefox and SeaMonkey were released last week; the first beta releases of Firefox 29 are also out, featuring their new "Australis" interface, which is reminiscent of Google Chrome. Qt version 5.3 is due at the end of April; since 5.x is not ABI compatible with Qt 4.x, it's more likely we will see a port of 4.8.x before we see anything for 5.x. LibreOffice 4.2.2 (and Apache OpenOffice 4.0.1) are available on "tier 1" platforms, with features from IBM's Lotus Symphony merged in. OpenJDK 6 has not been updated since October 2012, while OpenJDK 7 was last updated in September, OpenJDK 8 has been released, and development on OpenJDK 9 is in progress.

Flash plugin wrapper version 0.4.2 has been released (2/24/2014) for Software Subscription customers, which requires eComstation 1.2 or higher. It uses an Odin wrapper for the Win32 Flash 11.5 plugin. Supporting Flash 12 or newer plugins will require dinput support in Odin.

It seems that a lot of people in the community fail to realize that Serenity Systems has not been involved with the development of eComStation for several years now (their website still references Serenity Virtual Station); it has been handled solely by Mensys. Many have been rather dissatisfied with the poor communication from Mensys, and now it seems they have quietly split off the software development part of their business to XEU.com. Apparently the same few people are involved with eComStation, so it's unlikely that communication or project management will improve.

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Latest Files

FM/2 version 3.22 has been released (4/6/2014). This is an open source GUI file manager program, with lots of extra helper utilities. The source code is available from netlabs.org. Thanks to Gregg Young for the info.

QuiteRSS version 0.15.3 has been ported (4/6/2014) to OS/2. This Qt4 app is a RSS/Atom feed reader.

Eggdrop version 1.8 (CVS) has been ported (4/6/2014) to OS/2. This is an IRC bot.

libkva version 1.2.2 has been released (4/5/2014). This is a library for displaying video streams, which supports SNAP video overlays, WarpOverlay!, and DIVE. It has been used in KMP, MPlayer, and VLC.

libkai version 1.1.3 has been released (4/5/2014). The K Audio Interface is a DART and UNIAUD implementation library. It has been used in KMP, MPlayer, and VLC.

Nice-OS/2 Enhancer version 5.6.5 has been released (4/4/2014). This application adds new features to the OS/2 PM interface: extended scrolling, window skinning, keyboard/mouse actions, window positioning, logon scripts, priority management, window list cleaning, text-mode window additions, SSH console control, FireFox & Wiki keys, various patches for OS/2 and Workplace Shell.

GeoGebra version 4.4.27 has been released. This is software for learning and teaching math, from elementary school to university level; it requires Java 1.5 or higher. Since they now provide OS-specific downloads, you probably want one of their "portable" versions.

diffimg version 2.0.2 has been ported (4/2/2014) to OS/2. This Qt4 app is a simple image comparison tool.

Guiffy version 10.5 has been released (4/2/2014). Guiffy is a file compare / merge (diff-like) tool with a GUI implemented in Java.

Jmol version 14.0.13 has been released (4/2/2014). This is a Java molecular viewer for three dimensional chemical structures; it requires Java 1.4 or higher.

Qpdfview version 0.4.9 has been ported (4/1/2014) to OS/2. This is a tabbed PDF viewer using the poppler library (same as Lucide), which uses the Qt4 libraries.

Greggory Shaw released (4/1/2014) version .017b of his Firefox Drag&Drop install script; it also handles SeaMonkey and Thunderbird, and includes the latest required DLLs.

Btrieve Commander has been updated (4/1/2014). This is a Btrieve file viewer / editor.

More Qt4 apps were ported (3/31/2014) to OS/2, including: QXmlEdit version 0.8.10 is a tree-based XML editor; and HathiDownloadHelper version 1.0.7 is for downloading books from hathitrust.org.

The OS/2 Fontconfig and FreeType runtime DLLs have been updated (3/29/2014) to FreeType version 2.5.3. These libraries that enhance font display are required for the latest builds of Mozilla, Lucide, and other programs.

RSSGuard version has been ported (3/29/2014) to OS/2. This Qt4 app is a RSS and ATOM feed reader.

BiblioteQ version 6.67 has been ported (3/28/2014) to OS/2. This is a library management suite, which uses the Qt4 libraries.

Paul Smedley has ported (3/27/2014) curl version 7.36.0 to OS/2. This is a tool for getting files using URL syntax, with SSL support.

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