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Latest Files:

Testlog version 3.33 has been updated (12/10/2020). This program collects data about your system and the driver under test, and puts it into a log file for diagnostics.

The OS/2 port of FreeRDP version 2.2.0 has been updated (12/9/2020). This is a client for Remote Desktop Protocol, commonly used by Windows. Sponsoring units for this work may be purchased in the Arca Noae store.

FTP server version 2.79 has been released (11/21/2020). Compared to the standard ftpd in OS/2, this one has better security controls, together with extra features such as symbolic links. The source code is also available under the GPL license.

Arca Noae has released (11/20/2020) kernel version 14.202 for ArcaOS. This fixes a problem freeing high memory blocks, and requires that you update the APCI package first.

Domination version 1.2.3 has been released (11/19/2020). This is a Java version of the game Risk.

Major Major version 3.2 has been released (11/19/2020). It is a mailing list manager for OS/2 that lets you create multiple mailing lists on your machine, and is now open source.

GenINI version 2.0 has been released (11/18/2020); this is a pair of programs to back up OS/2 INI files in human-readable form, and to restore an INI file from the human-readable form. GenINI is freeware and open source. From VOICE News.

Another OS/2 port of VNC Server and VNC Viewer has been updated (11/12/2020). It provides a VNC server and client for OS/2 Presentation Manager, has UltraVNC compatible chat and file transfer, and WPS integration.

DFSee version 16.7 has been released (11/11/2020). DFSee is an FDISK, display, analysis and recovery tool for disks and filesystems, including HPFS, NTFS, FAT, JFS, EXT2, EXT3, ReiserFS, EXFAT, ISO9660, and APFS. It includes the ability to resize partitions, cloning and imaging, undelete files, and more. It now allows browsing the contents of compressed images and VirtualBox disk images, and has full support for the GPT partitioning style. There is also a support forum available.

Agena version 2.22.1 has been released (11/9/2020). This is an interpreted language suited for sophisticated procedural programming, with syntax like simplified Algol 68, with elements taken from Lua and SQL.

The ACPI driver has been updated (11/5/2020) to version 3.23.15 for Arca Noae subscribers. Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) is a replacement for APM, PnP, and related hardware features. It features support for multiprocessor systems (SMP, Dual Core, and HyperThreading), there is an APM driver, and an ACPI Setup tool that replaces the Power object. There is an ACPI Tools web page as well, which includes a battery monitoring widget for XCenter.

The OS/2 build of DOSBox 0.74 has been updated (11/4/2020). This is a DOS emulator that uses SDL; it emulates XMS, EMS, CGA, EGA, VGA, VESA, SoundBlaster, Gravis Ultra Sound, and more, for excellent compatibility with older games. You can find additional information about the port on the Netlabs Wiki. From OS2World.

Panorama VESA video driver version 1.17 has been released (10/31/2020). This is a generic VESA driver, which supports all VESA 2.0 compatible video adapters. The latest versions have a PAT fallback when using MTRRs fails, and support for custom / widescreen resolutions. Users with widescreen panels may find this useful if there isn't an accelerated driver available.

Arachnophilia version 5.5 build 2953 has been released (10/29/2020). This is a web page editor and development tool, which requires Java 1.5 or higher.

USB drivers build 10.236 have been released; included are the base USB host controller drivers, USB HID drivers (keyboard and mouse), USB printing driver, USB serial driver, USB audio driver, USB ethernet driver, and USB MSD driver. The latest work is focused on much improved USB audio support (including USB audio 2.0), as well as USBMSD supporting non-partitioned USB sticks (usually formatted as FAT32 for Windows); unlike the last official IBM version, it does not (yet) support multi-LUN devices such as card readers with multiple slots. These USB drivers also feature support for isochronous devices, such as webcams, and improved hardware compatibility, including proper PCI PM (power management) support. This allows USB ports to be used when warm booting from Windows, which can sometimes leave them in a powered down state. Latest version in Hobbes incoming.

kee16 version 12 has been released. This is a static thunking library, to use the 32-bit KEE API from a 16-bit device driver. Latest version in Hobbes incoming.

Lars Erdmann has released PSD (Platform Specific Driver) version 6 for SMP and Warp4 kernels. It handles floating point exceptions via trap 16 instead of IRQ13, which uses the native CPU exception handling. Latest version in Hobbes incoming.

DVD/CD Toys version 1.08.00 has been released (10/21/2020). This is a set of utilities to burn CD and DVD disks, and ISO images.

The eCo Software runtimes have been updated (10/16/2020). These are libraries and PM controls used by programs written by eCo Software. The latest updates are available via FTP.

lSwitcher version 2.92 has been released (10/15/2020). lSwitcher is an enhanced PM and fullscreen Alt-Tab task switcher, and feature-rich task bar. There are both stand-alone and XCenter widget versions.

PHPMyAdmin version 5.0.4 has been released (10/15/2020). This is a set of PHP scripts to administer MySQL over the web.

Zippy version 1.04.00 has been released (10/14/2020). This is an archive manager, which allows extracting files from various formats, including zip, rar, 7z, tar, bzip2, arj, and more. It allows you to create zip, 7z, tar.gz, and a few others.

dos2unix and unix2dos version 7.4.2 have been released (10/12/2020). These command line tools convert plain text files from/to DOS and UNIX formats.

Stendhal version 1.36 has been released (10/10/2020). This is a multi-player online adventure game / MMORPG, which requires Java 1.5 or later.

libkai version 2.0.0 has been released (10/8/2020). The K Audio Interface is a DART and UNIAUD implementation library, and now features software mixing of multiple audio streams. It has been used in KMP, MPlayer, and VLC.

TZSet version 1.0 has been released (10/8/2020). This offers a replacement System Clock, with a timezone page.

NetRexx version 3.09 has been released (10/1/2020). NetRexx allows you to program in REXX, and compile your program into Java bytecodes.

Weasel version 2.74 has been released (9/30/2020). This is a "lightweight" SMTP/POP server that has multi-domain support, and is now open source under the GPL.

Doodle's Screen Saver version 2.4 has been released (9/23/2020). This screen saver integrates into the WPS, replaces the old Lockup Desktop facility, has DPMS support, and can be extended with new screen saver modules. It allows third party applications to disable the screen saver temporarily, for example while watching a movie.

FluidSynth version 2.1.5 has been ported (9/22/2020) to OS/2. This is a software real-time synthesizer based on the Soundfont 2 specifications.

ksoftseq version 1.1.0 has been released (9/19/2020). This is a a software sequencer, which allows playing MIDI files via integration with MMOS2.

kmididec version 0.3.0 has been released (9/18/2020). This is a a library to decode MIDI to PCM using fluidsynth, and a simple MIDI player using that library.

Iron Spring PL/I beta version 0.9.10c has been released (9/15/2020). This is a compiler for the PL/I programming language, although it is currently missing some features.

3D LaunchPad has been updated (9/10/2020). This is a WPS object launcher, with PNG icon support.

4OS2 version 3.09 has been released (6/12/2020). This is a command shell, formerly developed by JPSoft and now open source. There is a mailing list / newsgroup on Gmane.

The Arca Noae USB drivers have been updated (8/15/2020) to build 12.07, for subscribers. The package includes the base USB host controller drivers, as well as the USB HID, serial, printing, and audio drivers. Note that this a 32-bit build of the USB drivers, and may not have the same features as the publicly available ones. Eventually, it will include support for USB 3.0, but that is currently (6/8/2020) in a separate preview release.

Hardware Explorer version 0.0.8 has been released (8/10/2020). This is an alternative to Hardware Manager, with a more complete and accurate representation of the installed equipment.

David Azarewicz has updated (8/9/2020) Drv16/Drv32, a "development kit to make developing new device drivers very easy." These contains header files and a library that contains all of the system related things necessary to build a device driver on OS/2; Drv32 also has the thunking modules necessary. The latest MultiMac drivers are based on this kit.

Links version 2.21 has been released (8/5/2020). Links is a small and fast WWW browser that supports graphics, Javascript, font smoothing, tables and allows for considerable customization of the cache, character set, and more.

WarpIN version 1.0.24 has been released (7/28/2020). This is an open source PM installer / uninstaller, that can also install quietly through environment variables. It also offers self-installing executables. The latest version can be found on Hobbes incoming.

ClamAV GUI version 3.6.4 has been released (7/28/2020). This is a GUI front-end for configuring and running the ClamAV anti-virus program, which bundles an XPI for integration with Thunderbird.

Btrieve Commander has been updated (7/24/2020). This is a Btrieve file viewer / editor.

libdvdread version 6.1.1 and libdvdnav version 6.1.0 have been ported (7/20/2020) to OS/2. These libraries handle low level DVD access and DVD navigation, such as menus.

libkva version 1.2.4 has been released (7/18/2020). This is a library for displaying video streams, which supports SNAP video overlays, WarpOverlay!, and DIVE. It has been used in KMP, MPlayer, and VLC.

LSZipWizard version 1.11 has been released (7/9/2020). This is a GUI interface to view/extract or create/update ZIP files, with WPS integration. The latest version is in Hobbes incoming.

Lua version 5.4.0 has been ported (7/9/2020) to OS/2. This is a powerful, fast, lightweight, embeddable scripting language used in various scientific and commercial applications (and some games). The latest version is in Hobbes incoming.

MailRedirect version 0.10.9 has been released (7/4/2020). This Mozilla extension allows you to bounce / redirect email messages from Thunderbird and Seamonkey.

NewView version 2.19.7 has been released (7/1/2020). NewView is a rewrite of OS/2's View.exe. It reads INF and HLP files. Improvements include a new UI, remember size/position, select and copy from the window, and more. The latest version can be found on Hobbes.

Quick 'n' Easy Finances version 1.15 has been updated (6/28/2020). It is a personal finance program which requires DB2 or PostGRE. There is also a Yahoo Group discussion list.

More SDL games have been ported (6/25/2020) to OS/2, including: Scavenger, a puzzle game like Lode Runner; and Atomiks, a faithful remake of the classic puzzle game Atomix.

INIServe version 3.1 has been released (6/25/2020). INIServe is a tool for remote configuration of OS/2 applications. Application developers are explicitly permitted to distribute INIServe as part of their own applications. From VOICE News.

Free Pascal version 3.2.0 has been released (6/19/2020). Free Pascal is a Pascal compiler that is semantically compatible with Borland Turbo Pascal and Borland Delphi.

A Battery Power XCenter widget has been released (6/16/2020).

Logical Config.Sys Sort version 0.7.3 has been released (6/14/2020). This sorts the CONFIG.SYS file into logical sections.

ProjectLibre version 1.9.2 has been released (6/10/2020). This is project management software with support for Gantt diagrams, which requires Java 1.6.

PM123 1.42b1 has been released (6/1/2020). This is an open source MP3, OGG, WAV, and CD Audio player. Some of the new features include gapless playback, nested playlists, and a PulseAudio client.

mozturbo version 1.0 has been released (5/18/2020). This package contains files to preload Mozilla DLLs, which will keep them loaded even when the program is closed and reopened; this is especially useful if loading the DLLs high, as due to a kernel bug, memory is not released when unloading DLLs that have been loaded into high memory.

mksh R59b has been ported (5/18/2020) to OS/2; also available (1/23/2017) is pdksh version 5.2.14 r7. These are clones of the Korn shell, which can be useful when porting Unix software.

Alex Taylor has released (5/6/2020) FreeType/2-IFI version 1.3.6. This is a Presentation Manager font driver for TrueType and OpenType fonts, designed to replace OS/2's built-in TRUETYPE.DLL driver. There is also an old (11/28/2013) beta that uses the open source FreeType version 2.5 library, which additionally provides support for OpenType/CFF fonts (.OTF files). The driver name has changed from FREETYPE.DLL to FT2IFI.DLL, to distinguish it from the older 1.x series and disambiguate it from the FreeType runtime library.

libvpx version 1.8.2 has been ported (5/2/2020) to OS/2. This is Google's WebM library, an open source, royalty free media file format designed for the web.

hwman version 16 has been released (4/18/2020). This is a WPS class replacement for the OS/2 Hardware Manager, which features dynamic updating.

WPA Supplicant version 2.7 has been ported (3/29/2020) to OS/2. This is a backend component for controlling the wireless networking connection. Included is wpa_gui, a QT frontend as an alternative to XWLan. An older version of this program is included with XWLan, and there are a few other versions ported by Paul Smedley.

The Netlabs EPM Distribution version 1.21 has been released (3/16/2020). It extends the functionality of EPM with new features and countless bug fixes.

PMMail/2 version 3.24 has been released (3/14/2020). Features include support for a new spell checker (aspell), and the use of XML for message indexing. VOICE purchased the rights and source code for this popular email client; VOICE sponsorship is required as part of the registration, but the demo version can be used for one account, and some other limitations. The project is looking for additional volunteer programmers.

FAT32.IFS version 0.10 r383 has been released (3/12/2020). The latest work on this filesystem driver has focused on improving the format and chkdsk functions, VFAT support for FAT16, and early exFAT and FAT+ support. You can find the latest version via FTP.

ISOFS version 1.1.2 has been released (3/4/2020). This allows you to mount a CD/DVD image (*.iso) as a virtual drive, avoiding the need to burn any media.

System Load version 1.1.0 has been released (3/2/2020). This is a GUI tool for monitoring the status of various system components; it is a modular system with current support including CPUs, drives, network interfaces, and processes. The package also includes CPU temperature widget version 1.1.2, which is an XCenter widget and command line utility to monitor Intel CPU temperature.

PMView, the indispensable graphics viewer, has been updated (2/24/2020) to version 3.82. Version 3.x has several new features, including EXIF support, scripted batch conversions, lossless JPEG rotation, and flyover image info; see the full list of what's new for more info. Registered users can get their updates by following the download instructions received with their original purchase.

Bitwise has released (7/23/2020) a beta 3 build of GCC 9.2, building on Paul Smedley's prior work. This compiler is required to build numerous open source projects.

An unofficial Virtual Box Additions for OS/2 version 5.0.51 build 218 has been released (1/31/2020). It includes a video driver, mouse driver, clipboard sharing between host and guest, and shared folder support.

Form History Control version has been released (1/10/2020). This is a Mozilla extension that allows you to manage the form data saved by your web browser.

IMAPD for Weasel has been updated (12/3/2019) to version 0.1.14. This IMAP4 server for the Weasel mail server features disk quotas, and a POP3 server with SSL/STLS support.

Gotcha! version 2.0.0-2 has been released (11/27/2019). This is a screen capture utility for OS/2 which allows you to easily capture windows, window interiors, parts of the screen, or the whole desktop. Thanks to Gregg Young for the info.

rdesktop has been ported (11/14/2019) to OS/2. This is a free RDP client which you can use to connect to a Windows machine.

WCD version 6.0.3 has been released (8/14/2019). Wherever Change Directory is a chdir command line utility.

Paul Smedley has released (10/26/2019) an OS/2 port of MySQL 5.6.46. Also available (1/13/2018) is version 5.5.58. The MySQL database server is the world's most widely used open source database. The OS/2 port features named pipes, data replication, >2GB databases, and more. There is a mailing list for discussion.

An OS/2 port of OpenVPN version 2.4.7 has been released (10/13/2019); also available are 2.3.18 and 2.2.2. This is a full-featured SSL VPN solution which can accomodate a wide range of configurations, including remote access, site-to-site VPNs, WiFi security, and enterprise-scale remote access solutions with load balancing, failover, and fine-grained access-controls.

Vim, a vi clone with many extensions, is now (10/12/2019) available in version 7.4 for OS/2. Vim has syntax highlighting (>150 file types), extensive on-line help, regular expressions for search and replace commands, macro recording, and a programming language, to name a few features.

A number of multimedia libraries have been ported (10/9/2019) to OS/2, including: FAAC version, a Freeware Advanced Audio Coder, and faad2 version 2.8.8, an open source MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 AAC decoder.

WebServe version 2.0 has been released (10/6/2019). This web server now supports server side includes for *.shtml files.

Paul Smedley has released (10/3/2019) an OS/2 port of uacme 1.0.19. This is a client for Let's Encrypt, which allows you to set up automatically renewing, and free of charge, SSL certificates.

Sigma version 3.02 has been released (9/28/2019). This is a PM program that reads and creates MD5 and SHA256 checksum files, compatible with the GNU MD5SUM program. It provides a clear visual indication of checksum status (error's etc.) as well as error sorting and comprehensive logging facilities. It is useful for verifying that CD ISO images are valid prior to burning them to disc.

An automated installer for the Microsoft ClearType Font Collection has been updated (9/19/2019) to version 1.1.1. It will download the fonts Calibri, Cambria, Candara, Consolas, Constantia, and Corbel from Microsoft, and install them on your OS/2 system.

Potrace version 1.16 has been ported (9/16/2019) to OS/2. Also available is another port of version 1.10. This tool will generate vector graphic files from bitmap images; several output formats are supported, including SVG and PostScript.

Workplace Sans version 1.04 has been released (9/12/2019). This is a Unicode TrueType outline font that is designed to resemble the OS/2 bitmap font WarpSans. Thanks to Alex Taylor for the info.

No Gravity version 2.00 has been ported (8/23/2019) to OS/2. This is an arcade type game with great playability, where it is easy to plunge into space battles against spacefighters, space stations and more!

BIND version 9.11.10 has been ported (8/22/2019) to OS/2. BIND is the Berkeley Internet Name Daemon, an implementation of DNS protocols.

BS_Info version 2.2 (8/13/2019) shows information about your system and can start various configuration programs.

Some multimedia libraries have been ported (8/11/2019) to OS/2: libmatroska version 1.5.2 is for parsing Matroska audio and video containers; and libebml version 1.3.9 parses EBML files. These are used by the VLC media player.

AVxCAT (formerly FFMPEGCA) version has been released (8/8/2019). This is a GUI front-end for ffmpeg and other tools, which allows converting audio and video between formats. From eCSoft/2 via OS2World.

git version 2.22.0 has been ported (8/6/2019) to OS/2. git is distributed version control software, used in software development and popularized by GitHub.

An OS/2 build of Perl version 5.16.0 has been released (8/6/2019). Perl is a cross platform scripting language.

TxWindows version 6 has been released (8/6/2019). This is the text-mode windowing library used to build DFSee.

Web Family Tree version 2.1 has been released (7/30/2019). It allows you to put your genealogy information on the web, using CGI. You need a a web server to use it.

MovieContactSheet version 1.04 has been released (7/30/2019). This is a PM application to extract images from a movie clip and/or folder of images, to create a contact sheet overview image.

Amouse version 3.01.03 has been released (7/28/2019). This scroll mouse driver has USB support, improved Logitech support, an XCenter widget, and more. Updates to this driver are available to Arca Noae subscribers.

Wim Brul has been improving USB Audio support, and has released Audio Recorder and Replayer, which allows you to record and playback hires PCM audio streams. He has audio recording working with 32-bit PCM stereo at 44100, 48000, 88200, 96000, 176400, 192000 Hz.

HPscan version 1.00 has been released (7/17/2019). This is a front end for SANE, designed to work with HP scanners using the hplip/hpaio library. It also works with other scanners using a SANE "conf" file.

klUsrMgr version 1.2.2 has been released (7/15/2019). This is a kLIBC user management utility, built with VX-REXX. From VOICE News.

Alex Taylor has released Almost VIO version 1.1, a monospaced bitmap font inspired by the "System VIO" font, offering larger point sizes. Also available is Almost Swiss version 1.1, which is a proportional bitmap font based on Helv, offering larger point sizes.

Art of Illusion version 3.1.0 has been released (7/7/2019). This is a full featured 3D modelling, rendering, and animation studio that requires Java 1.6 or higher. From OS2World.

SpamFilter has been updated (7/4/2019) to version 1.1.5. This is an open source multi-threaded daemon able to detect and reject e-mail messages containing unwanted advertising. It features local sockets and named pipes interfaces to receive queries and send answers to mail server software, such as Weasel.

KeyCalc version 1.3 has been released (6/30/2019). This is a scientific calculator that allows you to choose between RPN and algebraic mode, and between real and complex arithmetic.

ConfigApps version 1.2.0 has been released (6/13/2019). This is a tool to configure default Internet apps, including web browser, mail program, ftp program, IRC, etc.

Night Vision version 5.2 has been released (5/25/2019). Night Vision is a "planetarium" astronomy program, which requires Java 1.5 or higher. Thanks to Mark Szkolnicki for the news.

GNU CoreUtils version 8.31 and GNU DiffUtils version 3.7 have been ported (5/20/2019) to OS/2. CoreUtils is the union of the GNU fileutils, sh-utils, and textutils packages, offering several useful utilities.

GNU Tar version 1.32 has been ported (5/20/2019) to OS/2. This is an archiving tool from the Unix world.

GNU AWK version 5.0.0 and GNU sed version 4.7 have been ported (5/20/2019) to OS/2. These are programmer's tools that are prevalent on Unix platforms.

ddrescue version 1.24 has been ported (5/19/2019) to OS/2. This is a data recovery tool, which tries to work around read errors.

Arca Noae Package Manager (previously code-named YUMIE) version 1.0.4 has been released (5/14/2019). This is an open source graphical front-end to the YUM and RPM package management tools, with plans to also support WarpIn packages in the future. There is a wiki with first-time installation notes and other tips.

Icecast has been ported (5/12/2019) to OS/2, along with IceS-ne and IceS2. This is a server and clients for streaming in MP3 and Ogg Vorbis formats. It can be used to create an Internet radio station, or private jukebox.

Paul Smedley has released (5/11/2019) an OS/2 port of Tor version Tor protects your privacy and anonymity by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world.

MPlayer version 1.4 has been ported (5/6/2019) to OS/2. It has support for Win32 codecs, UniAud, DIVE, SNAP video overlays, and WarpOverlay. There is a browser plugin included, as well as MEncoder, a simple movie encoder. Most MPEG/VOB, AVI, Ogg/OGM, VIVO, ASF/WMA/WMV, QT/MOV/MP4, RealMedia, Matroska, NUT, NuppelVideo, FLI, YUV4MPEG, WebM, and more are supported.

Find files version 1.0 has been released (4/16/2019). This utility allows wildcards in specifying the files to search for, and optionally specifying that the files must contain a given character string. From VOICE News.

Paul Smedley has released (4/13/2019) a Samba NetDrive plugin and client, based on Samba 4.10.1. The older (2/26/2014) Samba client version 2.2.0 beta 4 is based on Samba 3.5.21. This allows you to mount SMB or CIFS shares on OS/2 without the need of NetBIOS (IBM LAN Manager or IBM Peer).

MyIP version 0.7 has been released (3/31/2019). This is a simple utility for querying the current system's IP address as seen from the Internet.

The SATA AHCI disk controller driver has been updated (3/28/2019) to version 2.06 for Arca Noae subscribers. The GPL source code (based on the Linux kernel) is available from the AHCI project site.

Paul Smedley has released (3/24/2019) an OS/2 build of GCC 8.3. Also available (1/26/2018) is GCC 7.3, which was the first to contain features to help combat the Spectre CPU flaw. This compiler is required to build numerous open source projects.

SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) version 1.0.27 has been ported (3/21/2019) to OS/2. Many SCSI and USB scanners from Microtek, Epson, HP, Mustek, Umax, and more are known to be working with this package; if yours works and isn't on the list, let Paul know the details.

BiblioteQ version 2019.03.15 has been ported (3/20/2019) to OS/2. This Qt4 app is a library management suite.

Lucide version 1.5.0 has been released (3/20/2019); this is a multi-purpose document viewer, using plugins for different formats. It currently supports PDF, DjVu documents, and JPEG files; additional formats can be added by third party programmers. The program is open source, and distributed under the CDDL and LGPL. Thanks to Gregg Young for the news.

PM Printer Manager version 0.85 has been released (3/1/2019). This is a graphical printer management tool for creating standard OS/2 printers (local and LAN), creating CUPS-based printers, upgrading or downgrading IBM 'PrinterPak' driver packages, and creating new PostScript printer drivers by importing PPD files. Also available is cupswiz version 1.18, which is specifically for creating CUPS-based printers.

Archive Viewer version 2.24 has been released (3/1/2019). This is a GUI tool for viewing and extracting archive files of various types.

IMERJ version 2.0.1 has been released (3/1/2019). This is a a "poor man's" Japanese input method editor, which allows you to enter Japanese by typing romanized text in the edit window. It is intended primarily for use on non-Japanese systems where a proper IME is not available.

EA Cleaner Utility version 1.2 has been released (2/23/2019). This is a command line utility that displays and cleans EA litter from files. From eCSoft/2 via OS2World.

Wireless LAN Monitor / XWLAN version 3.14 beta 10 has been released (2/16/2019). It is available as a XCenter widget as well as a standalone program, and features connection monitoring, multiple connection profiles, generation of WEP keys, and more.

Paul Smedley has released (2/3/2019) an OS/2 port of Apache version 2.2.34, as well as a test version of 2.4.38. Apache is the premiere web server of the Internet.

Paul Smedley has released (1/28/2019) an OS/2 build of PHP 5.4.45; also available are PHP 5.6.12 and PHP 5.5.28. Modules supported include bz2, curl, dbase, exif, filepro, gd, gettext, mbstring, mysql, mysqli, openssl, pdo_mysql, pdo_sqlite, pgsql, and sqlite. It features a module for Apache 2.2, as well as CGI and CLI versions. For more info on PHP, see the PHP web site.

NCurses version 6.1 has been ported (1/25/2019) to OS/2. This is a text-mode programming library from the Unix world.

BS_FF version 2.4 (1/23/2019) allows you to search for files with many different criteria, and perform various actions on them. From eCSoft/2 via OS2World.

eSchemes version 2.01.00 has been released (1/18/2019). This replaces the original eComStation Scheme editor and gathers the functionality of Window Themes, eStylerLite, Icon Themes, Sound Schemes, Pointer schemes, and other look & feel settings into one place. From eCSoft/2 via OS2World.

Google Droid fonts version 1.002 have beeen packaged (1/17/2019) for OS/2. This is a family of high-quality fonts originally designed for Google Android, and includes Droid Sans, Droid Sans Mono, and Droid Serif.

Stunnel version 5.50 has been ported (1/13/2019) to OS/2. This is a program that allows you to encrypt arbitrary TCP connections inside SSL (Secure Sockets Layer); you can secure non-SSL aware daemons and protocols (like POP, IMAP, LDAP, etc).

Gilbert and the doors version 2.2 has been ported (12/24/2018) to OS/2. This is a 2D platformer game with 22 levels.

PM123 version 1.40 has been released (12/14/2018); there is also a skins package. This is an open source MP3, OGG, WAV, and CD Audio player. Some of the features include sharing of the sound card, playlist with drag/drop support, HTTP streaming, and the use of skins to change the program's look.

Quick Text Editor version 0.9.8 has been released (12/10/2018). This is a simple editor and viewer for plain text files, intended as a replacement for E and AE, but with seamless Unicode support, selectable text encoding independent of system codepage, and anti-aliased text display. It requires the Qt4 runtime.

The Arca Noae MultiMac project has released (12/3/2018) version 1.1.4 of updated NDIS drivers for subscribers: Intel Pro/1000 Legacy mmlem and Pro/1000 e1000b and mmigb, Realtek mmre, Atheros mmalc and mmale, SysKonnect mmsk, Attansic L2 mmae and L1 mmage, Broadcom BCM4401 mmbfe and BCM57xx/BCM590x mmbge, and Marvell Yukon II mmmsk. Also available (9/3/2015) are Nvidia nveth version 0.1.15, Intel e1000e version 0.2.8, and Realtek r8169 version 1.0.2. The latter two are considered deprecated, as they have been superseded by e1000b and mmre. Older source code (based on the Linux kernel) is available from the MultiMac Trac site.

DO version 2.00 has been released (12/3/2018). This is a set of batch enhancements and command line utilities, including: disk size, disk space, which, text search, file list, wait, changing file date/time, modify casing of filenames, and more. From eCSoft/2 via OS2World.

QXmlEdit version 0.9.12 has been ported (11/6/2018) to OS/2. This is a tree-based XML editor, which uses the Qt4 libraries.

PMPrintf version 2.60 has been released (11/4/2018). This is a debugging tool with a PM viewer and programmer interfaces.

HathiDownloadHelper version 1.1.7 has been ported (10/31/2018) to OS/2. This Qt4 app is for downloading books from

Hocoslamfy has been ported (10/27/2018) to OS/2. In this game, you are a small bee, and must fly around the bamboo shoots.

Smilla Enlarger version 0.9.0 has been ported (10/14/2018) to OS/2. This is an image resizing tool, which uses the Qt4 libraries.

Paul Smedley has released (9/16/2018) an OS/2 build of Wireshark version 2.2.17. It won't capture packets (that requires the pcap library to be ported), but can analyze logs captured on another system, or those from iptrace. It requires the heimdal DLLs and Qt4 for the GUI. Newer versions of Wireshark will require a newer version of Qt to be ported.

Arca Noae has released (9/1/2018) a slimmed down version of the OS/2 FAT32 driver, which has had all the non-FAT32 support removed.

The GNU Unifont glyphs version 11.0.01 Unicode TrueType fonts have been packaged (8/3/2018) in WarpIn format.

FFMpeg version 4.0.2 has been ported (8/1/2018) to OS/2. This is a complete (command line driven) solution to record, convert, and stream audio and video. Note that WarpVision, KMP, and MPlayer all use this library.

Psi version 0.16 has been ported (7/16/2018) to OS/2. This Qt4 app is a multi-platform XMPP instant messenger client.

More Qt4 apps were ported (7/12/2018) to OS/2, including: Beebeep version 5.1.0 is a secure network chat, which doesn't require a server; texstudio version 2.12.10 is a LaTeX editor; and TEA version 45.0.2 is a text editor.

luckybackup version 0.4.9 has been ported (5/23/2018) to OS/2. This Qt4 app is a backup and sync tool. From OS2World.

vfdisk version 6.0 has been released (5/10/2018). This virtual floppy disk driver is useful for doing things that normally require a floppy drive, even if you don't have one.

VX-REXX Extras library version 1.3.2 has been released (4/14/2018). This is an object and API library designed to extend the functionality of Watcom VX-REXX, which provides a Warp 4 style notebook control, a tooltip control, a color selection dialog, and a few useful functions. Thanks to Alex Taylor for the info.

Extended Character Map version 1.6 has been released (4/6/2018). This is a character map program that supports characters from both single- and multi-byte encodings. In addition to the current system codepage, it supports Unicode text and several East Asian DBCS codepages. Thanks to Alex Taylor for the info.

libdvdcss version 1.4.2 has been ported (4/1/2018) to OS/2. This libray does DVD decryption without region checking.

The Samba command line utilities have been updated (3/25/2018) to version 1.3.0, based on Samba 3.6.25. There is also a Samba port driver version 1.0.1 (7/11/2011) for printing to shared printers.

A build of VirtualBox version 5.0.51 has been released (3/22/2018). Also available (10/11/2016) is another build of version 5.0.6. This is a powerful x86 and AMD64/Intel64 virtualization product, available as open source under the GPL.

iQPuzzle version 1.1.0 has been ported (3/14/2018) to OS/2. This Qt4 app is a pentomino puzzle game.

Gregg Young has released (3/6/2018) a beta 3 build of the OpenWatcom 2.0 C/C++ compiler. This has OS/2 related fixes for wipfc, wdump, wrc and wlink. Meanwhile, official OpenWatcom builds are still (6/5/2010) on version 1.9.

A LAN Server installation tool has been released (2/26/2018). This allows installing the LAN Server components (from WSeB) on top of ArcaOS.

LAME version 3.100 has been ported (2/9/2018) to OS/2. LAME is an MP3 encoder, and includes a graphical frame analyzer.

Amoebax version 0.2.1 has been ported (2/7/2018) to OS/2. This is a cute and addictive action-puzzle game.

Icon Themes and Toolkit version 2.2 has been released. This allows the desktop icons used throughout the Workplace Shell to be changed, based on installable icon sets or 'themes'. A number of themes are included, and various others are available from third-party sources.

Top version 2.14 has been released. This VIO application monitors CPU usage by process. The process list can be sorted according to various criteria (including CPU percentage, name, threads), and any process from the list can be selected to be killed.

Paul Smedley has released (1/3/2018) OS/2 builds of PostgreSQL versions 9.66, 9.4.15, and 9.3.17. Also available is his earlier port of version 9.0.6. PostgreSQL is an open source relational database.

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