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Drivers, Fixes, Updates

UniAud audio drivers
Gomi NDIS MAC Drivers and NICPAK
OS/2 and USB
Updating OS/2 Warp 4.52
OS/2 FixPak Information
WarpUpdates International
eComStation and OS/2 Hardware Wiki Win95 Recovery Disk
Peter Moylan's Warp 4 tuning tips
Config.sys Documentation Project

Other News sites

OS/2 World

Online Software Catalogs

BMT Micro Inc. (OS/2 shareware registration/download)
Mensys (OS/2 mail order company in Netherlands)

Online magazines

EDM/2 - The Electronic Developer Magazine for OS/2
VOICE newsletter
OS/2 e-Zine

OS/2 FTP sites

Hobbes - the main OS/2 archive
IBM Software

Other fun stuff

M$ - Evil Empire
VOICE list of OS/2 mailing lists
Warp Wishlist
OS/2 Site Australia
OS/2 Java Corner
David Barnes' Image Galleries
The Microsoft Boycott Campaign Web Site

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