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Last updated: March 23, 1999

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As someone pointed out to me, it's irrelevant if this list is ignored by IBM. This is a list of things OS/2 users want, and if IBM does not provide all of them (or any of them), it could give some third party developers ideas about what to write.

I have started adding links to programs that have some of the requested features now, or will in the near future, usually with an indication of freeware / shareware / commercial status. Help with links and program names would be greatly appreciated! You might find something in this list to make your computer a little easier to use today.

Have some ideas to add to the list? Please send them to me. Your name and e-mail address will NOT be listed unless you specifically request it.

Updates are indicated in RED

Features coming in Warp (Server) 5:

Other things we want:

Make user interface enhancements, but keep as many of them as possible optional



User Interface


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